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and lock out the window and what i see? mud. all -- mud up to about the hod of my car -- hood of my car. >> sucked in. daly city residents wake up to find a river of mud where the road once ran. good afternoon everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. sudden flow of water and mud was a rude awakening for dozens of residents and it all started thanks to the 80-yard pipe burst. cbs 5 reporter aiolis is a hairington joins us how -- aiolis is a hairington joins us lou. >> reporter: frank, basically
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the pipe was very, very old. it failed and pumped water into the neighborhood. take a look behind me at some of the mess it's left behind. we have bulldozers the trying the clean up -- trying to clean up some of the mud and a lot of neighbors out taking a look at the scene. they told me they never thought they would see. a daly city neighborhood covered in mud. >> you cannot take it out your car because the mud is all the way up to the tire. >> reporter: a sheer break of the 18-inch water pipe caused flooding and forced evacuations spilling 45,000 gallons of water near the street. this happened near hillside park overlooking the saint avenue. you can see where the water came rushing down the hill causing a mud slide leaving this picnic area almost unrecognizable. >> it's covered in three to four feet of mud. >> reporter: emmanuel shows us
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how the mud narrowly missed his house. >> i could hear a rush, it really sounded like a rushing river. >> reporter: others woke up to find their cars' tires deep in mud. drains clogged with debris, and about 100 people were unable to take a shower. their water was cut off. so how does a mess this big happen? >> i think the pipe itself is a pretty old pipe. so right now, it's going to stay age is probably the most likely cause. >> reporter: the 8-inch cast iron pipe was an original constructed back in the 1930s and now be replaced. the flooding however could have been even worse. it was connected to a reservoir tank filled with 978,000 gallons of water. >> there's a valve that was able to shut that water flow off to that tank. so that system worked. >> reporter: as for what went wrong engineers are looking into that. they're assessing the pipe and the hillside to make sure they're safe. in daly city, cbs 5. >> all right, thank you very
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much. and residents and city crews are now trying to clean up the mess. there's a lot of mud and debris out there. you're getting a good look at the hill up above there from chopper 5. all of that mud and debris comes tumbling down but fortunately very little if none at all actually got into the homes. it went right down the street. caked up a lot of cars and such but now the big job starts. cbs 5 reporter kate continues the team coverage and hope you have your boots on. >> reporter: actually i was just telling the newsroom earlier it was really you know serendipitous i chose my wardrobe appropriately because there were inches of mud that i was walking through telling neighbors about the messy morning and basically they found their cars anything in the path completely buried. >> man. it's a big mess. >> reporter: neighbors along bonny street were in the thick of it all. >> i wake up this morning with a terrible sound. i just -- i thinking it's just
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like raining so hard. >> reporter: debris, silt, mud all in front of homes trapping anything in its path. >> i web outside to look and it was actually about knee high and i was kinds of covered. then i looked outside and the cars were gone and some of the cars weren't that high. but the family car was -- just terrible. >> reporter: the wong family was one of 12 homes evacuated early this morning. >> definitely like they rang our doorbell at 5:00 in the morning telling us to evacuate and yeah i didn't think it was that bad. but -- now seeing it, it's -- horrible. >> reporter: jessica's first car she bought ten years ago halfway buried in the muck. she says even a clean-up job couldn't save it. >> it breaks my heart. that was my first car. i mean it's a family car now but i want to just crew. i can't believe it's half -- cry. i can't believe it's halfway up there and can't even get out of it. >> reporter: they brought out their own shovels and hoses, for other it was no use. >> i decided to move my truck
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and i have to get to work. all it did was just spin around and spin around. >> reporter: and you can see that there are crews still further up the hill trying to clean up that mess. we're towards the bottom of the hill where they've made quite a bit of progress because when we first got in here i was telling you earlier frank and michelle, there were inches of mud even down here at the very bottom but now it appears to be all cleaned up. but again quite a mess and still a long way the go. but at least families are now allowed back in the homes but again like they said they're still a little bit frustrated with the start of the day. cbs 5. >> kate, what about the cars? were they able to finally start those up and get them out of there? >> reporter: frank when we walked by you know there were some neighbors as you saw in the story. they were doing it themselves but i'm not sure. they had high powered hoses out here and vacuums up. it's not sure when they will all the fished out just yet. >> going to take a little time. kate live for us in daly city.
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thanks. a strike against israeli supermarket is finally over. the company reached an agreement after an all night negotiating session and reporter crista marshall joins us live with details on the details. good afternoon. >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon. well, what a difference a couple of days make. earlier this week we didn't any this deal was going -- this deal was going to be reached that quickly but just hours and minutes ago some of the union workers and strikers were told to get back the work. usually the parking lot kind of filled with strikers' signs and some yelling. right now it's all quiet and the folks that were out here earlier have pretty much left those picket lines. today, most of those strikers arrived to their shifts getting some good news. following negotiations. now earlier in the week there were folks all over the stores picketing and some even being accused of accosting customers that were inside.
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but we're told today some sort of deal has since been reached. >> well, about -- i guess about an hour ago they officially called the stroke over. that they -- strike. that they came to an agreement that we were asking for. the same agreement for safeway and save mart. officially tomorrow union parking light we're back on -- president we're back on the line. >> reporter: and according to rayly's, this is a statement from them. this is very exciting because it provides us with the cost saving we need and the initiative to maquette more competitive in the -- us more competitive in the 21st century. it is important to remember that everyone including the customers and employees and the communities we serve have suffered in this labor dispute. now back out here live just a very quiet scene out here. we should say this is the first streak in the history of -- strike in the history of isly's 77 years of being open. in addition they're offering kind of a united front on their
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website saying customers and employees have gas rewards. if you spend some money in the grocery store, you can go ahead and get the gas rewards through november 22nd. back to you. >> it's a win/win for everyone. okay, crista marshall live for us in west sacramento. thanks for the report. good news for csu students, the board of trustees postponed plans for a tuition hike. students had planned to protest the board meeting today but before that a board spokesman announced they want to gather more input before considering raising the tuition. lieutenant governor gavin newsom praised the board for quote sending a strong message to students and families that we are committed to protecting access to all. congress returned from a seven week break today and a long list of unfinished business on capitol hill. looming large in the lame duck session is the urgent need to avoid the so-called fiscal
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cliff. we could cost middle income families about $2,000 more next year in taxes but lawmakers also had to find a way to glance the budget. the 2013 fiscal year started with a $120 billion budget deficit on track for another $1 trillion plus deficit year. a strange twist in the david petraeus scandal. the investigation now involves another top rankening military official -- ranking military official. cbs reporter danielle nottingham with the inappropriate e-mails linking the top u.s. commander in afghanistan to the scandal. >> reporter: general john allen the top u.s. commander in afghanistan, is now linked to the scandal involving former cia director david petraeus. pentagon investigators are looking into e-mail communications between allen and tampa socialite jill kelley that some have characterized as flirtatious. kelley is the woman who went to the fbi with inspection
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threatening e-mails that agents traced to petraeus' alleged girlfriend paula broadwell. one senior defense official says the general allen investigation centers on about 20,000 pages of documents. another says allen and kelley only exchanged a few hundred e- mails over a number of years. and that the vast majority of them are completely innocuous. kelley's brother defended her character. >> i know who my sister is. and i know she's a good mother and a good wife. >> reporter: allen remains in command of 68,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan. he was supposed to be here on capitol hill this week for hearings on his nomination to be supreme u.s. commander in europe. now, that's on hold. >> the president thinks very highly of general allen and his service to his country. >> reporter: petraeus resigned friday and admitted to the extramarital affair. his former aide says he is extremely remorse. >> he said in those words i
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screwed up. there's no excuses for it. what i did was wrong. >> reporter: broadwell hasn't been seen since the scandal broke. monday night agents searched her north carolina home. they left carrying several boxes of documents. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. backlash from a bay area scandal. the executive director of the port of oakland has retired. this is after omar ben intramin was accused of being -- benjamin was accused of being part of a party where they used public funds the pay the bill in houston at a strip club. he announced his retirement yesterday. and that he is a very charming very intelligent guy with enormous resources at his disposal. >> still ahead the search is on for a former bay area ceo. why the founder of mcafee is on the run after a murder in central america and where he may be hiding. it's coming up next.
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>> and pepsi -- well, they claim the soda can help you get skinny. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence car now in the cbs 5 weather center. we will talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the man who founded santa clara-based "mcafee (mak-uh) associates"... is now wanten connec welcome back. the man who founded santa clara based mcafee associates nuanced in connection with a murder case. john mcafee is considered a person of interest in the death of a neighbor in belize. police want to question him but he's disappeared and people who know him are not entirely surprised they say. >> he's a very smart guy.
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very accomplished guy. he's a guy that has some dark demons. john mcafee capable of killing somebody? i think at this point i wouldn't put any limits on what john mcafee is or is not capable of. >> wired magazine reports mcafee has contacted the magazine to declare his innocence and says that at one point he buried himself up to his neck in sand to hide from the local police. chevron won't be installing new clean air technologies at the side of its -- site of its august refinery fire. it's decided to repair the richmond equipment rather than replace it. federal law only requires the new technology be installed when major changes are made which means chevron is not required to install clean air systems. however they say they will voluntarily reduce its emissions. get the boards wax asked ready for the slopes -- waxed and ready for the slopes. heavenly and north star will
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open up tomorrow. cookwood and squaw valley will open up on friday for the weekend. all four resorts got over 2 feet of snow this past weekend. and with the help the snow making they're good to go a week before the big thanksgiving holiday and let's kick it to lawrence now because i have a feeling they will get more snow before the end of the week right? >> oh, yeah a lot more snow. in fact this weekend good news for them. if you like to ski folks you will love it. a lot of snow in the hike coming up right in -- high country coming up right now it is nice and dry outside. a few high clouds coming in overhead but temperatures now warming up after a chilly start to the morning. 62 in san francisco and 64 degrees in san jose. and looks like the afternoon expecting mostly sunny skies. just a couple of occasional high clouds drifting overhead. and then tonight, should be mostly clear a little chilly in spots in the valleys but staying dry through at least thursday. after that big time changes. right now the jet stream still carrying a lot of the moisture to the far north and the least
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far northern parts of california we are staying dry on the southern end but occasionally the clouds work across our skies. the ridge going to be in place and maybe strengthening a little bit for tomorrow. that's going to change as we get into friday. this whole system is going to start to dip down the trough going to camp out along the west coast and that means we will see a series of storms likely headed for the by area. before -- bay area. but for today let's enjoy the sunshine. temperatures yesterday in the low to mid-60s. by this afternoon one to seven decks above yesterday's highs and -- degrees above yesterday's highs and right about average for this time of the year. all right this is interesting you'll notice through the next couple of days a lot of high clouds cruising across our skies. and as we get into thursday, starts to cloud up a little bit more but still dry. that all changes as we look toward friday. you notice the rain beginning to move on shore. and this will really open the door for a much colder system that's going to drop into the bay area out of the gulf of alaska as well head in towards sunday. so today, we've got some sunshine and dry weather. temperatures there moving as high as 68 degrees in livermore
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and 64 degrees in pacifica. next couple of days we are enjoying warmer weather. wednesday probably the peak of the average and the temperatures start to cool down a little bit with a few more clouds to thursday. by friday, that chance of showers develops and well, you know what? on saturday some leftover showers but not a real rainout. that may be a different story on sunday. a stronger storm and a cold storm dropping in here. that means lots of snow in the sierra nevada and lots of wet for us. >> i guess we were due. >> i think this one is going to be a soaker. >> all righty. well, we have to pay the piper eventually right? still ahead how losing an election and your facebook page go hand in hand and it's not all that friendly. >> and they claim sipping this will help you lose weight. it's pepsi's new healthy soda. the real deal? we'll tell you when we come back.
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opening low this morning amd concern over greec the big board was rebounding after an opening low the morning amid concerns over greece, european leaders postponed $40 billion to the country and it desperately needs that. the dow dipped back though in the negative territory just moments ago. it is down 16 points and heading south as we speak. if you're still dieing to get your hands on facebook stock; you will get another chance tomorrow. hundreds of millions of facebook shares could hit the market wednesday. that's when early investors and employees will get a chance to
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sell those shares that were part of the lockup that restricted their sale for a certain period of time following the initial offering. the lockups are meant to help boost stock price by keeping stock supply scarce. really hasn't worked though. facebook shares have lost nearly half their value since the ipo a few months back at $38 a share. meanwhile, the iphone 5 just hit the market a lot of people happy about that. but there's already talk now that apple is working on a newer version. according to a chinese newspaper, iphone 5 s will enter trial production next month. the reason? reported production issues with current model, no word on when we may get our hands on it though. so, can you get skinny by drinking pepsis? maybe. the beverage maker launched what is called a fat blocking soda believe it or not. it's called pepsi special and it goes on sale in japan tomorrow. it reportedly contains dexedrine a. a fiber that's supposed to reduce fat levels. this is pepsi's first quote
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unquote health food. the company is no stranger to introducing strange flavors at least in japan. strawberry and milk and salty water melton. coming up he lost the election and now losing friends in a big way. how many times a minute americans are hitting "unlike" for mr. romney. ,,,,,,,,
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>> thank you tony. apparently losing the election is not good for mitt romney facebook and twitter pages. they have been dropping at a rate of 593 per hour. i think he's over it. what do you think lawrence? >> our producer just unfriended me. >> have a great day everybody. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,
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